About Us


We are collectors, we always have been and continue to be. In 2001, we had this idea, we felt that by creating our new web store DollsAmerica.com it would appeal to other collectors too. In fact, to sum it up, our slogan became, “…when you just gotta have that doll.” That’s how it began with the journey leading us to acquire collectibles far and wide to meet the desires of our clients. Everything was going just great until illness brought things to a screeching halt. It took a while to bring our idea back together, restock inventory, and align our collectibles to a new generation of collectors, while welcoming back our former customers too.

To think of it, who hasn’t had a favorite toy, game, or doll that they wish they had today? We can help you relive that happy memory making it real by once again experiencing the joy of holding that treasured item in your hands. We believe that some things never go out of style, and that’s why, “you just gotta have that (please fill in the blank).”