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Brand new in box 12 Inch Infantryman

Nikolai Sokolovsky action figure
Nikolai Sokolovsky action figure
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Nikolai Sokolovsky action figure
1/6 scale DID (Dragon in Dreams) Action Figure

WWII Soviet Union "Nikolai Sokolovsky" WWII Soviet Brand new in box 12 Inch Infantryman

The "Great Patriotic War", Russia's war that help change the course of WWII and the West's perception to the strength of USSR. Our impression, Aleksandr Solotsky is among one of soldiers who had fought bravely for his country. Like most of his comrades, he was issue the typical Ssch-39/1 steel helmet, side cap, M43 Gimnasterka uniform, boots and legging. His gear was simple with just a Ppsh ammo pouches, canteen and a duty belt. His basic gears can fit into any battle form 1941 to 1945.

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