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Michael Jackson Capodamanti 1 of 6 original art work Thriller
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Michael Jackson Capodamanti 1 of 6 original art work Thriller MJ0001
Gort Diecast Key ring keyring The day the earth stood still JUST  10 left
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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Gort Diecast Key ring keyring The day the earth stood still JUST 10 left gortkey

King of the Hard to find!

I want to introduce our Find for You service. Contact me by email at or by telephone 631.664.3935 when you are looking for something special. I will give you an estimate and only if you wish to proceed shall a deposit be requested. This way my service remains FREE and you secure that treasured toy or artifact you have been searching for These toys and figures reflect out past and current day culture. For example Hasbro stopped making historically accurate military figures around 2001. Political correctness reared its ugly head. We have an extensive inventory which is constantly changing for the convenience of our customers. We keep a list of items for our regulars wish lists. Look around enjoy. My personal preference are the 1:6 scale versions. Maybe because I am getting old, they look better LOL. I truly preferred them when I was a tyke as well, in those days Marx Johnny West and his clan ruled my dreams.

Can't find something - Just Ask we probably have it! the king of 12 inch figures, TV, shows, Movies, Yo Joe, classic, music artist, and our holiday club. Hard to Find 1:6 scale war dolls, Hard to find dolls, Movie star dolls, music artist dolls, collectables and toys, historical, decor
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"WHEN YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE THAT DOLL!" 24/7 Order Line 631-664-3935

FREE SERVICE - We Locate Vintage, toys, dolls and action figures for you! Maybe you are replacing a treasured Barbie, MARX, action figure. Want to give a child a truly creative toy? Just email

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Thank you for visiting our site and looking at this item. It is our intention to become your go-to source for hard to find antique toys,barbie designer,12 inch GI JOE, WWII,unique gifts, home * solar decor,Marx noble knights,sideshow civil war,solar,toys,princess barbie,12 inch GI JOE, WWII,garden decor,Marx knights, civil war, Hasbro, dolls of the world, military figures,TV figures,Bird house,Vintage toys, collectible barbies, 12 inch gi joe's, unique gifts, themed gifts, movie figures, Christmas, hasbro, mattel and Disney.

VIEW a list of categories. These items are really hard to find, and our inventory changes daily -- Don't wait, remember our LAYAWAY is available to lay-a-way your purchase. IF YOU DON'T SEE IT, ASK FOR IT. We are always acquiring new merchandise, so we may have what you want, but haven't uploaded the item yet.GI Joe,barbies,sideshow,Marx,gifts, dolls, toys, action figures, historical, themed decor

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